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Casual shirts are versatile fashion must-haves. While it used to be only common to wear a shirt to work and formal occasions, nowadays there is a wide range of casual shirts to wear in spare time and of course on casual Fridays.In addition to the Suitable shirts, you can also find casual shirts from brands as Anerkjendt, Dstrezzed, New Zealand Auckland, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Vanguard and Marc O'Polo at Suitable.

Casual shirt

A casual shirt is highly versatile. So even designers let their imagination run wild. Therefore, shirts with flower prints, tropical themes and special stretch fabrics are available as well. Try something bold and match a casual shirt with sturdy jeans, classy chinos or hip shorts. Casual shirts are the trend today!

Casual shirts for men

Casual is a concept that stands for being nonchalant and relaxed, but not for being sloppy and careless. Casual is the opposite of proper, businesslike and traditional. This less stern clothing for leisure time is referred to as casual wear or smart casuals. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands the term casual is often confused with an extremely sporty or messy look. While stylish men can excel by wearing smart casual outfits, in addition to their refined looks for formal occasions. In case of an informal party without a dress code, of workdays when a dress suit isn’t required, of an enjoyable dinner at a restaurant, of a concert or in case of any other informal occasion: a sophisticated casual look is a compliment to yourself and your surroundings. Your wardrobe should not lack of casual shirts!

Casual comes in all sorts and sizes and provides you with many possibilities to mix and match. For instance, wear a tough casual shirt in combination with a good pair of jeans and a sporty shoe for a visit to the pub. Or wear a trendy casual shirt on a fine slim-fit pair of chinos with a sporty blazer.

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