-  Tuesday, 26 January  |  Gerhardt
Profuomo Leather Belt Cognac
The supplied DIY advice to shorten the belt if necessary is good service / info! And it is also doable. It is an age-old trick and the disadvantage is that you cut the stitching of the belt. And that stitching, more like the actual leather, determines the ultimate life of the belt. The skin icon with the info 'real leather' is gradually becoming disinformation. It just doesn't say anything anymore. Which part of the animal? Where tanned? Where painted? Child labor? Poisoning of soil with scary metals?
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 -  Tuesday, 12 July  |  Guido
Profuomo Belt Polish Cognac
Excellent service and ease of ordering at [site name]. The color of the belt was less orange than in the photo. A bit of a shame for the combination that I had in mind, but it still comes in handy.
  Thanks for your feedback, Guido! Hopefully you will still enjoy this beautiful belt.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Actual color is slightly different from photo
 -  Sunday, 7 February  |  Leo
Profuomo Leather Belt Roma Neutral
leather belts unfortunately not available in larger sizes. eg minimum 140cm.
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  • Quality
  • Look
  • Length limited.
 -  Monday, 29 December  |  Lampaert
Profuomo Belt Polish Cognac
A very good and beautiful belt that fits me well and is pleasant to wear.
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 -  Tuesday, 29 December  |  Jan
Profuomo Leather Belt Black
very nice quality and easy to adjust if it is a bit long
  Nice that you are so pleased with the quality, Jan! Thanks for the review!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 11 March  |  E
Profuomo Leather Belt Black
Not that Bad, I like it.!!!! Thanks.
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