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Ecoalf vests and cardigans online

Ecoalf is a truly ecological clothing brand that only uses recycled materials. In addition to opting for recycled fabrics over so-called 'virgin' fabrics, Ecoalf for sustainability on even more fronts.

Bcorp and the beginning of Ecoalf

The brand has recently acquired a B Corp ™ certification. This means that they do everything they can to leave the world better than how they found it. The environment, people and product play an important role in this. The brand started with partnerships for larger brands. Ecoalf had the knowledge about the fabrics and materials and the 'partner' the reach and access to the customers. Nowadays they make flip flops from old car tires, shoes from pineapple peel, coats from old plastic from the oceans and men's cardigans they make from recycled cotton and polyester.

Why choose an Ecoalf men's cardigan.

A vest is known for its versatility. Whether you use it as a summer coat, extra layer under a blazer or as a casual 'sweater' on a lazy day off. A cardigan is always possible. Are you a man who loves a versatile piece of clothing and thinks it's a bonus that people and the environment are saved? Then a men's cardigan from Ecoalf is really something for you. Partly due to the fabric quality, you are guaranteed to enjoy your cardigan for a long time. Ecoalf keep their shape well and are durable.

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