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Blazers for men are easy to combine with an elegant pair of pants or a casual pair of jeans, for a sturdy but dressed appearance. Suitable offers a selection of various luxurious men’s blazers, made of linen, cotton and wool. A men’s blazer is suitable for any occasion and is therefore both part of your dress suit, as well it is part of your ‘normal’ clothes.
Therefore, a blazer for men is also suitable as to wear as a casual jacket. 

Blazers for men

Blazers for men can be worn to many occasions in various combinations. The men’s blazer is the garment that completes ‘business casual’- or ‘business informal’ wear.
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The blazer for men

The blazer is a fashion classic. You should have at least one in your wardrobe, because it is great to combine with almost all clothes and suitable for any occasion. It creates an attractive silhouette, whether it is worn in combination with a T-shirt and jeans for leisure or with a dress shirt, tie and chinos for a formal occasion.
For anyone who doesn’t know: a blazer is a jacket with one or two rows of buttons, a collar and lapels.

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