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Pure H.Tico The Functional Shirt Black
Delicious shirts. Stretch, business, you don't have to iron them...
  Nice to read. We wish you lots of fun wearing your shirts.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Colourfast
  • Do not iron
  • Comfortable
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German brand- fresh, young, dynamic! With many years of experience and devotion to producing shirts, Pure brand was born in 1996 in Northern-Bavaria, Germany, and is a part of the Hatico group. As Hatico will say in the 'Heart of Europe'! As a family business, they pay great attention to fabric and service.

Pure the functional shirt

Pure shirts combine business clothing with all the comfort of sportswear. The stylish, fashionable Pure shirts are made of a polyamide and elastane blend. Because of the unique fabrics of these shirts, it lifts your look to a different level. Any man should own a Pure shirt when it has so many practical qualities. If you wear this shirt, you can be sure it will remain wrinkle-free. Besides that, Pure shirts are easy to wash. After the washing ritual, they are ready to use. Ironing is completely unnecessary with shirts from PURE!

Most men would not choose synthetic fabric if they transpirate excessively. Still, shirts from the Pure collection are not an issue, as this design fabric has a unique breathable ability. So how this shirt became so practical? The difference is in the cut and fabric. Nowadays, it's all about fabrics and comfort. You can see it as an overflow of street fashion with business fashion. With this, the classic collar of the business shirt is in the past. You can have a neat look without stiffness of the collar as in a classical business shirt.

Pure fashion wear features

The two-way stretch fabric creates endless flexibility, and due to the lightweight fabric, you will hardly notice that you are wearing a dress shirt. Unpleasant odors and sweat stains are history, thanks to the breathing and extremely fast-drying abilities. No time for ironing? No problem, the Pure shirts are made of non-iron material, leaving you with more time to spend doing the things you enjoy. Pure fashion is easy to combine a business-wise look casually. Shirts from Pure have a different style of collars: Kent collar: classical type, with pointing ends. Shark collar: a smaller collar. Button-down: Just as it says, the buttons in front and they keep a collar in the same place.

The collection of Pure shirts also uses different collections that the customer can easily recognize. The assortment at Suitable is the Pure Red collection. Red Collection was created for slim and athletic body build man. But it does not exclude the other body types that could fit this shirt perfectly.

Pure collection for men

Suitable provides a collection of Pure shirts in white, navy, and black. Great basic colors which you can combine endlessly. Pure shirts for men are available in sizes S up to XL. The shirts have a slim fit, which creates a comfortable and elegant look.

Benefits of a Pure shirt:

  • Designed with sustainable and strong fabrics
  • It's Durable
  • Two way elastic, means been woven from both sides
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Iron-free
  • Very breathable
  • Extremely fast in drying
  • Does not keep any odors
  • Easy wash
  • UV protection up to 50+
  • Slim-fit cut

With Pure shirts for men, you will get dressed perfectly for any occasion. If you are spending a day at the office, this Pure shirt will keep your business look updated but be comfortable at the same time. For more formal occasions with a suit, a Pure shirt will always lift your look. Just imagine yourself in a dark blue suit and a Pure shirt with a tie for a very comfy but formal look. Often during your day, you will get the opportunity to get a drink or grab a bite with your colleagues or business partners, and we are sure that your comfortable business look will leave the best impression behind.

Besides that, Pure shirts are ideal for a formal look or a get-together they are also perfect for a casual look. During your free time, Pure shirts are amazing to wear! Think of combining them with chino or jeans. Or are you an owner of one of the Flexible pants? This is a flawless combination. As mentioned before, this shirt collection is breathable, and you will never think about your comfort. When you are wearing a Pure shirt, your skin will experience a touch of softness and quality at the same time. To keep you inspired and fashionable as a customer, the Pure collection gets a new experience and more choice two times a year.

Pure clothing online

Impressed and convinced of the quality and benefits of Pure dress shirts? Order your favorite Pure shirt for men right away online at and try it on at home! Don't wait any longer. The functional shirts are made for action, for every moment, and any occasion. If you are not sure what to try or which cut you need, don't hesitate to ask our assistants online. Be Pure and do what Suits you the most. Take a look at our other shirts if this is not what you are looking for.

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