-  Wednesday, 28 April  |  Hugo
NZA Pehiakura Jacket Red
Nice-fitting jacket, good quality, several handy pockets with zipper.
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  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Handy pockets
 -  Saturday, 27 February  |  Cees
NZA Polo LS Weheka Dark Green
Much too much money at the moment,,,,,,,,!!!??????
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 -  Thursday, 10 December  |  Gerrit
NZA Shirt Tapuaeroa Dark Green
Nice fabric and great fit, delivery fast and good
  Nice to hear that everything is okay. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy New Zealand Auckland clothing online at Suitable


Everybody knows a New Zealand Auckland man. He is sporty, enjoys comfort, and wants to look sharp. The comfy fits of NZA and the sweaters and shirts with unique prints will surprise you every time you see it. At Suitable we are happy to present New Zealand Auckland Clothing to you. NZA’s assortment exists of fashionable jackets, Trendy shirts, and comfy sweaters and cardigans.


New Zealand Auckland's philosophy

NZA New Zealand Auckland uses beautiful surroundings and changing wilderness and landscapes as inspiration for designing their garments. The colors of the clothing represent the beauty of New Zealand. The adventurous indigenous people directly inspire the prints you find on the shirts and sweaters.

NZA men’s clothing

Imagine colors as orange and emerald green. Unique, but with the possibility to create your style by adding a personal touch. This lifestyle brand will suit you. Bring a piece of NZA, New Zealand Auckland, home by ordering this unique lifestyle brand. Quick and comfortable at the Suitable online store. NZA clothing provides a wide assortment of products. Namely sweaters, shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, cardigans, and jackets.

NZA New Zealand Auckland Sweaters

NZA New Zealand Auckland sweaters or pullovers are comfortable and functional, made from fabrics that nature provides. Combine it casual with a basic t-shirt or more classy with a nice shirt. Sweaters will never go out of fashion. Look sharp and enjoy your sporty lifestyle at the same time. NZA’s pullovers will make sure of that.

NZA New Zealand Auckland Shirts

The NZA New Zealand Auckland shirts characterize themselves by comfort, trendy prints, and attention to detail. Although classy is important, a flair of sportiness is always in the mix. The shirts are made of lightweight materials and translate New Zealand Auckland’s adventurous lifestyle onto the shirts.


Coats and Jackets

NZA brings influences from New Zealand and translates them into clothing pieces like their jackets and coats. Combine that with inspiration from the fashion industry, and you’ll get a unique piece of clothing. The winter jackets of NZA are capable of withstanding extreme cold and keep the rain out. At the same time, their summer jackets are lightweight and breathable so that you won’t overheat. Most common models are parka’s and winter puff jackets.

NZA Caps

More than a fashion item, a cap is convenient, and sometimes you can’t go without it. It blocks the sun during summer days. It can help to prevent sunburn on your head and your face. During sport, it stops the sweat from running down your face. And, it can help to prevent the sun from shining in your eyes. So you can focus on your tennis or golf ball. In winter, the cap can help to avoid the rain from slamming your face. It will stop the rain from running down your hair into your jacket.
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