-  Friday, 25 September  |  Jaap
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Stripes Mahogany
This is now my most beautiful Fred Perry, I am a collector. Slightly more expensive than the average, but then you also have something! Fast service, good range and reasonably well priced. So far only good experiences with [site name]
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied with us. That's what we do it for. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fast and good delivery
  • Nice offers
  • Wide range of products
 -  Wednesday, 1 July  |  Hans
Fred Perry Poloshirt Yellow
Quality polo as always from Fred Perry Good and on time delivery by [site name], also as always, excellent service! That is why I order my polos from [site name], good price, decent delivery and very good after-service
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied with us. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Friday, 27 November  |  Bea
Fred Perry Polo Shirt M102 Navy
Nice polo. The colors of the edges and the emblem contrast nicely with the dark blue. My husband is very happy with it.
  Good to hear that your husband is happy with it. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fast delivery
  • Nice colours
  • Fits fine
  • Price
 -  Friday, 15 May  |  Anoniem
Fred Perry Polo Shirt White 748
Nice good polo. Neat deliveries and a top system to immediately exchange an item for another item!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (4)
  • + Good fit
  • + No translucent mess
  • - Price a bit on the high side
 -  Thursday, 6 July  |  Mitchell
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Navy White Red
Very good quality as used to from Fred Perry, and you also pay for that
  Good afternoon Mitchell, Thanks for your review! Fred Perry 's polos are indeed very popular at the moment because of the quality of the polo and the action that is currently running. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (21) No (31)
  • Good fit
  • Good quality
  • Good delivery
  • Pricey
 -  Wednesday, 17 June  |  Gertjan
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Black 906
Nice quality, fit ok. Too bad the logo has been enlarged....
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 -  Thursday, 28 May  |  Peter
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Red J95
Just another great clinic from Fred Perry
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  • Fit
  • Color fastness
  • Durability
 -  Friday, 19 May  |  Lars
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Navy White Red
good quality, is good.
  Nice to hear from Lars! Have fun wearing it!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Fred Perry Polo Shirts online

A real Fred Perry polo shirt enthusiast? At Suitable we have an excellent combi deal in the Fred Perry polos.

Start of the Fred Perry polo shirts

Frederick John Perry was born in 1909 and was a world-renowned tennis player. The English professional has won a Wimbledon title no less than three times. In the late 1940s, Frederick sought his satisfaction in designing and producing tennis-related items. He invented the sweatband at the beginning of his fashion career. Not long after, the well-known polo followed, and so his brand Fred Perry was born. Fred Perry was the son of a cotton spinner, which gave him useful background information about cotton features and if it was good to use as a sports outfit. At the same time, he could test how the fabric would hold when worn since he was a tennis player.

Material of Fred Perry Polos

All Fred Perry Polos are made of 100% cotton. Woven in pique gives the polos more stiffness and sturdiness. This weave also improves shape retention. Fred Perry Polos hardly wrinkle and don't shrink when washed.

The Fred Perry polo, world-famous since 1952

The Fred Perry shirt was presented for the first time at Wimbledon in 1952, and the polo was an immediate success. Fred Perry, a leading fashion brand with prestige and the laurel wreath logo, is an indispensable part of the polo shirts. Fred Perry now has polos in all kinds of different fashionable colors. Always recognizable by the well-known striped along the sleeve and collar. A cheerful Fred Perry polo is, therefore, an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Is it still a bit cold? In winter, there are also various long sleeve polos from the well-known tennis brand for sale. The most popular color polo shirts at the moment are: Black Green Blue Gray White The Fred Perry polo shirts have a slim-fit fit that is fitted to the body. This creates a modern and hip look. Therefore Fred Perry polos are loved by young and old! The polos are available in different colors, so a Fred Perry polo shirt is suitable for every outfit and combination. How do you prefer to wear them?

Fred Perry polo long sleeve, for when it's cold

In the northern hemisphere, there is nothing more changeable than the weather. One day it is nice and hot and the other cold and raining. At Fred Perry, they are aware of that and introduced a long sleeve polo for those colder days or nights. Now, you can still enjoy wearing the Fred Perry quality but with long sleeves. How cool, right? Combine it with some nice jeans to finish your sporty look. Rather wear something preppy? Then go for a combination with some chinos. Whatever you choose with a long sleeve polo of Fred Perry, you can't go wrong. The long-sleeved polo is, therefore, an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

The Fred Perry polo shirts have different fits

We sometimes hear that the polo people have at home is slightly bigger or slimmer. Although this is a pity, it is something to take into account that it is possible. Shirts made in China are, unfortunately, different than the ones made in England. However, Fred Perry has increased their quality control, so the chances of something happening are diminishing.
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