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Are you looking for double monk straps men's shoes? From Suitable we offer double monk straps from different brands with the best price-quality ratio.

The shoes give your outfit an extra neat appearance. You can wear the shoes for formal and informal occasions. The brands we offer are Giorgio, Van Lier and our own brand called Suitable. There are two different materials used in Double monk strap shoes in our range, which are leather and suede.


The material leather is made from animal skins. Leather shoes need attention to keep the material supple. The shoes should be regularly polished with special shoe polish to keep the material supple. Leather shoes breathe and if you maintain them properly, the shoes can last for years, a real investment for the modern man!


The material suede is a type of leather that is made from the inside of leather, which gives it a soft touch. The material has a brushed structure that resembles fabric. Suede must be well maintained and take good precautions, as the material is quickly susceptible to dirt and stains.
The shoes do not use laces but can be used with a special buckle. The shoes used to be worn by monks in the monastery. You can easily combine the shoes with neat trousers or cool jeans and are also suitable to wear under a suit.
The monk strap men's shoes are available in size 40 to size 46, this combined with the various modern colors that provide an extra touch to your outfit.

Real must-haves for your wardrobe

Are you a fashion-conscious man and do you find smart shoes an essential part of your outfit? Then shoes with a double monk straps are really indispensable! Shoes with a double monk straps are characterized by the striking closure. Instead of laces, they have a strap with a double buckle that runs over the instep of the foot. So this is called the "strap". How could it be otherwise, the addition "monk" originated with the monks. Originally they only wore slippers and sandals, but after some time switched to more closed footwear in order to better protect the feet. However, the typical buckle closure was retained, and that is how the first monks shoes were created.

A variety of possibilities

The double monk strap shoe is available in various variants, where you can also decide how you want to design your look. For example, if you're going for a chic appearance, buckle both straps neatly and wear them under a three-piece suit or trousers with a plain blouse. For a more casual look, you can choose not to close one of the two buckles. This, together with a more casual outfit, creates a somewhat looser style. In many Mediterranean countries, double monk straps men are worn this way. The materials, models and colors of these shoes are also very diverse, each with its own charm and appearance. In our webshop monk straps are available in the following materials:
  • Smooth leather
  • Raw leather
  • Suede
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